The Woolshed


A series capturing a Woolshed’s unique atmosphere, inadvertently created by the generations of people who have worked and spent time there and characterised by the objects occupying the interior.

Rothesay Woolshed is a historic shearing shed in rural Waitaki that has been used by five generations of high country farmers. The interior and it’s contents subtly document a history of shearing work across the years and provide a unique wealth of character.

Generations of shearers have chalked their names and dates randomly on the interior of the shed. The unique patina created by their graffiti, oily lanolin and dust characterises the working history of the place.

Shearing tools, farming equipment and various randomly placed objects are balanced on shelves, hanging from wire or string and occupy dusty corners. Some in use, many of them broken or forgotten about and others left ‘just in case’ they come in handy again.